Commonwealth Games 2014: Alex Salmond photobombed by spectator with English flag

Scotland's First Minister had been watching the diving at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh

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Alex Salmond’s Saltire stunt at Wimbledon has come back to haunt him.

Scotland’s First Minister was watching the diving at the Commonwealth Games on Friday, as a fellow spectator waved an English flag directly above his head.

The lonesome St George was pit against the blue and white Scottish flags surrounding it, but made its fair share of noise thanks to its unfortunate (or perfect, depending on your alliances) positioning behind arguably Scotland’s most fervent separatist.

A Union Flag would have made the juxtaposition with Mr Salmond’s brandishing of the Saltire behind David Cameron during Wimbledon last year even more potent.

The two politicians were celebrating after tennis star Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic in the final, with Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), whipping out the Scottish flag, he said, from his wife’s handbag.

He later rejected the criticism for doing so, telling Good Morning Scotland: “The Saltire is our national flag, Andy is a fantastic, magnificent Scottish sportsman, anybody has got the right to wave the national flag, it's a great way to celebrate this amazing triumph.”

On Friday he had been attending the men’s synchronised 10m platform final in Edinburgh. Australia took the gold, while England’s Tom Daley and James Denny took home the silver.

Mr Salmond did, at least, appear to see the funny side of it.