Conservative MP accused of racism

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THE CONSERVATIVE MP Winston Churchill has been accused of racism after he called for a halt to 'the relentless flow' of immigration, writes Frances Rickford.

He told a meeting in Bolton, Greater Manchester: 'The population of many of our northern cities is now well over 50 per cent immigrant and Muslims claim there are now 2 million of their co-religionists in Britain. Mr Major seeks to reassure us with the old refrain 'There'll always be an England'. He promises us that 50 years from now, spinsters will still be cycling to Communion on Sunday mornings - more like muezzin will be calling Allah's faithful to the high street mosque.'

Mr Churchill, MP for Manchester, Davyhulme, said: 'With this government continuing to bring in immigrants each year at a scale, in Mrs Thatcher's immortal phrase of 15 years ago, 'equivalent to a town the size of Grantham', a halt must be called, and urgently, if the British way of life is to be preserved.'

Keith Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East, said last night: 'I am astonished that Winston Churchill should be so ill-informed about statistics of immigration to Britain.'

The Anti-Racist Alliance said Mr Churchill's remarks were 'completely racist and without foundation'. Conservative Central Office said Mr Churchill's remarks were 'entirely personal'.