Correction: Sega

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AN ARTICLE in the Independent on Sunday on 5 September 1993 about research into possible visual problems caused by virtual reality headsets was headed 'Sega games cause eye damage'. In fact, although Sega is developing virtual reality games for both arcade and home use, the company does not yet have any such games on the market. We accept that any suggestion in our heading that Sega is selling a game which has been found to be potentially damaging to eyesight is misleading. We apologise for any embarrassment caused.

As stated in our article, Sega says that its new virtual reality products will be fully tested before being made available to members of the public. The company also claims that the research carried out by Edinburgh University and the Army Personnel Research Establishment, of the Ministry of Defence, used a prototype with very high powered lenses, designed for a different application, and that the technology is so different that a comparison is not valid.