14-year-old girl a detained for eight months after video of her attacking boy in Croydon goes viral

Over 2.7 million people have seen the video

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A 14-year-old girl was sentenced to eight-months in detention today after a video went viral that showed her verbally and physically attacking a boy in south London.

The schoolgirl was given the eight-month detention and a restraining order for GBH and witness intimidation alongside a further four months for assault.

Both sentences running concurrently.

In the video that was filmed in Selsdon, Croydon last week, a girl can be heard shouting “are you going to cry?” and “I’m gonna smack this yute” as she holds the boy by his jumper and attempts to hit him.

“That is a good connection you know,” says one of the girl’s friends after she watches the girl slap the boy.

Despite the girl’s repeated attacks, the boy remains silent throughout and does not react when the 14-year-old asks “are you going to get your cousin?”.

The girl also appears to advise the boy not to sell marijuana in the area, by saying: “You best fix up, sort yourself out, and when my bredren or anyone on this estate comes for a draw you're not giving them dust, you understand?”

One onlooker can be heard warning the girl: “You are going to have this on your phone, you are stupid if you do it.

While another friend says: “I can’t watch, I’m trying to tell her but she won’t listen.”

The video first appeared on the “Young Rich Britain” Facebook page on 14 May and has gone viral with 2.7 million views in just seven days.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested on the 15 May, and charged with assault after appearing at Croydon Magistrates Court on the 16 May.

Today she was sentenced to an eight-month detention as it emerged that she had been on a rehabilitation order for grievous bodily harm when the assault took place.

Following the release of the footage, thousands of people commented on the video with posters criticising the girl’s violent actions and praising the boy’s decision not to retaliate.

One commenter wrote: “What a vile child, her mother must be so proud.”

While another posted: “What a horrible little CHILD! good on him for not hitting her !”