£140,000 haul of sex drugs seized in raids


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A haul of suspected counterfeit sex drugs worth an estimated £140,000 has been found in police raids.

Around 28,000 suspected counterfeit erectile dysfunction tablets were seized by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) enforcement team following co-ordinated raids at three homes.

The raids took place as part of Operation Fitzroy, with the assistance of Leicestershire Police, at homes in Albert Street and Moor Lane in Loughborough, along with the Metropolitan Police in Frazier Street, south east London.

Two men have been arrested and drugs with an estimated value of £140,000 were seized.

It is suspected that the haul included around 6,000 counterfeit Cialis tablets, although this needs to be confirmed by testing, the MHRA said.

Danny Lee-Frost, head of operations at MHRA, said: "These raids demonstrate the MHRA's commitment to finding those attempting to deal with falsified medicines and send a very clear message that those responsible will not benefit from their criminality.

"It is the role of the MHRA to ensure the public have access to acceptably safe medicines and this action has prevented potentially unsafe medicines from reaching the public."