£20,000 for goalkeeper burnt by pitch markings

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A former Wales international goalkeeper has won £20,000 compensation after suffering "horrific burns" while making a save during a match.

Andy Dibble was scarred after coming into contact with pitch markings drawn with hydrated lime in a League of Wales match between his team, Barry Town, and Carmarthen Town.

The 36-year-old goalkeeper, who now plays for Stockport County, took his shirt off after the game and discovered a four-inch wide strip of flesh had been burnt off from his shoulder to his hip. He underwent skin grafts at a hospital in Wales. His solicitor, Craig Porter, said the incident three years ago had totally changed the direction of Mr Dibble's career and had left him with "embarrassing" scars.

His solicitors reached a settlement with Carmarthen Town Council's insurers, which included damages for pain and suffering from the chemical burns and loss of earnings.