944 Britons held for drugs offences world wide

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Almost 1,000 Britons were arrested for drug-related offences abroad last year, Foreign Office (FO) figures show. The 944 arrests accounted for a seventh of all arrests of British nationals abroad between April 2009-March 2010, the FO said. Drugs contributed to more than a third of total arrests of Britons in France and more than a quarter in Ireland, Italy and Thailand.

There were 132 rape cases involving Britons in 2009/10, the most (32) being in Greece. There were 140 cases of sexual assault, with the most (27) in Turkey.

Including natural causes, accidents and unlawful killings, there were 5,930 reported deaths of UK citizens abroad. There were 3,689 cases worldwide of hospital treatment.

Spain was the country in which Britons had the most passports lost or stolen, with 6,618 cases.