A nail bomb, two pistols, and a hand-axe: what police found in far-right-obsessed bomb-builder Ryan McGee's bedroom

The British soldier is going to prison for two years

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Police have released photographs documenting what officers found when they searched the bedroom of 20-year-old far-right-obsessed bomb-builder Ryan McGee.

The serving British soldier went to jail for two years today after he pleaded guilty to building a bomb and possessing literature useful to a terrorist.

When officers searched the soldier's home in Eccles, Greater Manchester, they found a nailbomb in a jar stuffed with 181 metal screws.

A collection of weapons was also discovered in the room. Amongst them were a hand-axe, two pistols, a knife, knuckle-dusters, and a crow-bar.

Pressure sensors that could be used for booby traps were also discovered by police, as well as flags of the far-right English Defence League group.

Potassium nitrate found in Ryan McGee's bedroom

A sketchbook contained a drawing of a soldier, by McGee, with an English flag for a face standing in front of a terrace of houses

 A sign reading "Freedom Street" was visible in the background.

The soldier, who was arrested whilst serving in Germany, admitted to possessing a document containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, and to a second charge of making an explosive device.

Greater Manchester Police as they raid Ryan McGee's house

Police discovered the device while they searched a home in Eccles, Greater Manchester, in connection with an unrelated investigation in November last year. Prosecutors said the bomb was "viable".