Addict guilty of train murder

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A drug addict was warned yesterday that he would be jailed for life for pushing a commuter to his death in front of a train during rush-hour.

Stephen Soans-Wade, 36, had been desperate to get into hospital "at all costs", the Old Bailey was told. He became violent after being turned away from hospitals where doctors said he was not mentally ill. When all else failed, he carried out his threat to push someone under a train to prove he needed treatment, the jury was told.

Soans-Wade, of Poplar, east London, had claimed he was guilty of the manslaughter of Christophe Duclos on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He said voices had told him to push Mr Duclos, but the prosecution psychiatrist, Philip Joseph, disputed his claim. Mr Duclos, a Frenchman who had lived in Britain for six years, died in hospital three days after being pushed on to the track.

The jury found Soans-Wade guilty of murder after hearing his history of personality disorder and violence. He tested positive for heroin and cocaine after being arrested and was also taking methadone.