Al Fayed 'urged' Diana bodyguard to recall flash of light before crash

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Trevor Rees felt pressured by Mohamed Al Fayed to "remember" a flash in the tunnel moments before the crash which killed Diana, Princess of Wales, the inquest into her death heard yesterday.

Dodi Fayed's former bodyguard also admitted that he "did not feel comfortable" in the Harrods boss's presence. The inquest heard claims that it was Mr Al Fayed who approved the ill-fated plan to leave the Ritz in Paris from the rear with no back-up car and no professional driver on what was to be Diana and Dodi's final tragic journey.

Mr Al Fayed is said to believe that a blinding flash of light from a stun gun was the real reason that Henri Paul, who was driving the car, lost control.

Mr Rees suffered horrific injuries in the crash and says he remembers little of what happened. Mr Al Fayed has accused him of lying but his lawyer, Michael Mansfield QC, was forced to withdraw the allegation.

Under cross-examination by Richard Horwell QC, for the Metropolitan Police, Mr Rees said he felt Mr Al Fayed had put him under pressure to remember what had occurred and that his failure to do so had clearly frustrated him. The inquest continues.