Anti-Bahl witness is her replacement

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The Law Society has replaced Kamlesh Bahl, its former vice-president who resigned this week following accusations of bullying, with a man who gave damning evidence against her at a tribunal.

Mike Napier, the society's deputy vice-president, will move up to the vice-president's post without the need for an election. Mr Napier told the tribunal earlier this year, chaired by retired law lord, Lord Griffiths, which heard evidence of bullying against Ms Bahl, that he had been "slapped down" by Ms Bahl at a meeting. He added: "People made it very clear to me that they were unhappy [about Ms Bahl's behaviour] and I experienced one occasion myself. It was very uncomfortable and, but for the fact that I felt strong enough as an office holder to stand up and challenge her attempt to sweep me aside, then I think the future relationship would have been infinitely more difficult."

Mr Napier kept a note of this incident which he showed to the tribunal. Ms Bahl has since described Mr Napier as "one of the boys" who was opposed to her at the society.

A spokesman for the society said there was "no conspiracy" against Ms Bahl and Mr Napier's appointment was within the rules of the society.

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