Aristocrat's son accused of punching police officer who was arresting him on suspicion of assaulting BBC presenter wife


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The son of an aristocrat had to be pepper sprayed twice as he attacked a police officer who was arresting him on suspicion of assaulting his BBC presenter wife, a court has heard.

Charles Gibson is accused of punching and grappling with PC Aaron Walker for 11 minutes, forcing the officer to use pepper spray and a baton to restrain him. He is also charged with assaulting his wife - the BBC World Service presenter Tanya Becket.

Appearing at Oxford Magistrates Court, the 45-year-old business journalist heard how police were called to the couple’s Oxfordshire home over claims he threatened Ms Becket and pulled her hair during an argument over the possibility of their divorcing.

The court was told that the couple had been drinking heavily prior to the argument and that the altercation with the officer begun when Gibson refused to stand still during a search for a shotgun that had gone missing.

PC Walker said that as he attempted to restrain Gibson, he was wrestled to the ground and had punches thrown at him.

Gibson, whose full title is the Honourable Edward Charles d’Olier Gibson, is the son and heir of Edward Barry Greynville Gibson, the fourth Baron Ashbourne.

He denies assaulting both his wife and the police officer.

The trial continues.