Arrest over 'body in suitcase' murder

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A suspect has been arrested over the murder of a Canadian singer whose corpse was found stuffed into a suitcase at Heathrow Airport 11 years ago.

Fatima Kama, 28, had been stabbed 10 times and had had her throat cut. Her body was found in a foetal position inside the suitcase left on an abandoned luggage trolley in a car park at the west London airport. Youseff Ahmed Wahid was arrested in Bahrain yesterday. He had been the subject of a ten-year police search and was named as one of Britain's three most wanted men in 2005. The Metropolitan Police said it hoped to extradite him to Britain in the coming days.

The former airline steward had previously lived with Ms Kama in west London. Mr Wahid flew to Beirut the day after the body was discovered, before going missing in Saudi Arabia, having abandoned his passport. Mr Wahid's brother, Abdel Ahmed, was arrested during the investigation but was released without charge. The motive for the murder is believed to have been robbery. £40,000 of Ms Kama's cash and jewellery is still missing.