Axe-wielding robber pinned to the ground by passer-by near Buckingham Palace

The hero said it was "like being in a Guy Ritchie movie"

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A passerby wrestled an axe-wielding robber to the ground on Tuesday, after a gang tried to smash into a jewellery shop near Buckingham Palace.

Armed with hammers and axes, the four would-be thieves arrived at H Stain jewellers on Victoria Street on pillion scooters at around 1pm.

As the gang attempted to get away with handfuls of jewellery, a member of the public grabbed one of the potential robbers and pinned him to the ground until police officer arrived on the scene.

The rest of the gang members dropped their axes and made off towards Belgrave Square.

A nearby policeman helped the hero keep the would-be robber on the floor, before armed police arrived on the scene moments later, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The passerby, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the newspaper: “It was like watching a scene from a Guy Ritchie movie.”

He went on: “When they tried to zoom off I grabbed one who was driving by the hoody. Not putting his hoody up was a fatal mistake as it gave me something to get hold of.

“I hope the police manage to get the rest of them.”

23-year-old Shaun from London, who witnessed the incident, said: “Four of them just screamed up on scooters. Two jumped off and smashed the shop window and grabbed what they could.

“It was a pretty stupid thing to do as there are uniformed police everywhere. I arrived when the suspect was already on the ground, being held down by a member of the public and police.

“I think some of the gang grabbed a few watches but not much.”

However, Scotland Yard said it is believed the robbers had fled empty-handed.

A Scotland Yard police spokesman said: "It is believed [the suspects] were unsuccessful and fled the scene. One suspect was detained at the scene whilst others made off towards Belgrave Square.

“Westminster Borough officers are at scene and an investigation is under way.”

An employee at the jewellers declined to give details to the newspaper, but said: “We don’t know what has been stolen. We are still assessing the damage. Fortunately no-one was hurt.”