Baby Charlotte can be allowed to die, judge rules

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Charlotte Wyatt, the premature baby clinging to life in a hospital oxygen box, is to be allowed to die if her breathing stops.

A High Court judge today gave Charlotte's doctors permission not to resuscitate her - despite a plea by her distraught parents that everything should be done to give her the chance of life, however short.

Darren Wyatt, 33, and his 23-year-old wife Debbie - who is expecting their third child - of Buckland, Portsmouth, had urged the judge not to give up on their daughter.

Giving his judgment, Mr Justice Hedley said Charlotte should be given three things.

"As much comfort as possible, as much time as possible to spend in the presence and in contact with her parents and she should be allowed to meet her end, in the words of Mr Wyatt, with the TLC of those who love her the most," the judge said.