Brazilian's killing taught police a lesson, says family

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Mr de Menezes was gunned down last Friday at Stockwell Tube station in south London.

Alex Pereira, 27, Mr de Menezes' cousin, said: "There is no explanation for why my cousin was killed. The police had to kill someone to make British people feel safe. But now they have learnt and I hope they never kill again. They would never have learnt this if my cousin had not died."

Other relativesalso expressed outrage, saying he had not been acting suspiciously. Vivien Figueiredo, 22, said: "I want to make it very clear that my cousin's actions were neither suspect nor wrong. The police have told me that he did not jump the ticket barrier, but used his Travelcard in the usual way.

"They also told me that he was wearing a jeans jacket and was not carrying a bag. Although we are living in circumstances similar to a war situation, the police should not combat crime with crime and unjust exterminations."

The solicitors of Mr de Menezes' family issued a statement saying the legal situation was unsatisfactory. "A man has died who committed no crime," it said. It described as "astonishing" the fact "that the term shoot-to-kill is being used as if it is a term of law".

A vigil to mark Mr de Menezes' death will take place at 5.30pm tomorrow in Parliament Square.