Bungling alleged cannabis grower had farm busted after calling 999 by accident

Police tweeted that the arrested 42-year-old had suffered an 'epic fail'

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A suspected drug grower committed an “epic fail” after he rang 999 by accident and inadvertently led police to his home, Cheshire Constabulary says.

The 42-year-old man was arrested after police in Crewe, concerned for his safety, responded to an emergency call that he had hung up on.

It is still unknown why he made the distress call just before 2pm yesterday, with police taking to Twitter to highlight the mistake.

Worried officers turned up at the home on Haweswater Avenue, to the very north of Crewe town, as the call had been logged.

However, they were shocked to discover 18 mature cannabis plants residing in the front room.

PC Shelley Woods said: “The circumstances around this call being made beggars belief. We don′t often find people in this position as accommodating to police enquiries.”