Campbell to face charges over Heathrow bag row

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The supermodel Naomi Campbell is to be charged over an alleged air rage incident at Heathrow last month. She was hauled off a British Airways plane in handcuffs after apparently reacting badly to news that one of her bags had been lost amid chaos at the recently opened Terminal 5.

The incident took place after Ms Campbell, 38, had boarded a flight to Los Angeles. Having already checked in two pieces of luggage she was told by cabin crew that a third bag had been lost, allegedly prompting a tantrum.

Reports at the time of the incident claimed she physically and verbally abused both police and airline staff, before armed police officers were forced to escort her off the plane in handcuffs. One witness claimed she spat in the face of one officer while trying to kick another.

Details of the charges are expected to be announced next week.

Ms Campbell has a turbulent history.In 2000, she pleaded guilty in Toronto to assaulting her then assistant Georgina Galanis with a telephone and threatening to throw her out of a moving car.

Last January she pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless assault against her maid Ana Scolavino, and was sentenced to five days of community service.

Although it has not officially confirmed it, BA is thought to have imposed a lifetime ban on the model.

She recently suggested, however, that the arrangement was the other way round. After flying to Rio de Janeiro with the Brazilian carrier TAM, she reportedly said: "Someone from British Airways asked that I return to fly with them but this will not occur so early. I am speaking for all those that have been disrespected."