CCTV shows hooded man thrust knife inches from victim's throat in terrifying Balham shop robbery

Police are currently appealing for any information on the identity of the armed thief

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Police have released harrowing CCTV footage that shows the moment a hooded criminal threatened a Balham shop owner with a knife before raiding the shop’s till.

The video which was released by the Metropolitan Police on Tuesday, shows the armed man enter the shop on Balham High Road in the early hours of Wednesday 18 February.

The man is seen pulling out the 10-inch blade as he approaches the shop counter. Holding the knife out in front of him, he demands money while imitating a stabbing action just inches away from the shop worker’s face.

After the shop owner fails to move, the robber once again thrusts the knife towards the man’s face.

The till is then opened by the shop worker, and the thief is seen grabbing a number of notes and exiting the store.

The victim was said to have been caught on the hand by the blade as the thief put his hand into the till.

The is said to have turned right out of the shop and was last seen heading along Oldridge Road.

Police are now appealing for any information on the identity of the hooded man.

The suspect is described as a black man, aged in his early 20s and about 5ft 10ins tall.

He was wearing a dark blue Adidas hooded top, dark-coloured trousers and is said to have a London accent.

Commenting on the incident, Detective Constable Farmer, from Wandsworth CID, said: “Although the suspect had his face covered we have some very clear CCTV of the robbery and we are hoping someone will recognise him.

“The suspect used a significant level of violence and on several occasions is seen to lunge the knife towards the victim’s neck.

“We need help to identify him to bring him to justice as soon as possible.”

If you recognise the suspect or have any information call DC Farmer on 020 3276 2604, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.