CCTV footage shows thieves choke man unconscious to steal his £15,000 Rolex

The shop owner tried to fight back against his assailants

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Police have issued CCTV of a robbery that shows two men wrestle a shop owner, before stealing his £15,000 watch.

The incident occurred in Greenwich on Wednesday 10 February, at a van hire shop.

In the video above, the 46-year-old victim can be seen being assaulted by the two men as they steal the luxury watch from his wrist.


Police decided to release the footage to show how violent the theft was, with the two assailants choking their victim to the point where he loses consciousness.

A watch similar to the one stolen

After grappling with his attackers, the victim can be seen slumping to the floor before one of the men removes the watch from his wrist.

The Gold Rolex Yacht Master is estimated to be worth £15,000.

Detective Constable Andrew Payne, investigating officer from Greenwich, reported how the thieves waited outside the shop front for a while before the assault.

"The suspects stood outside the van hire shop in broad daylight for some time, appearing to look at the price list before entering and violently attacking the victim, choking him to the point where he lost consciousness,” he said. 

The suspects waiting outside the shop before the theft

"We have taken the decision to release the footage to show the level of violence used, and ask the public for help in apprehending the persons responsible.

"We believe the victim was targeted by the suspects to steal his watch. We are keen to identify them and would ask anyone with information to come forward. If they are seen, do not approach and call 999 immediately."