Celebrity divorce: All you need is love (and money)

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It's a good job he's not blond or Sir Paul McCartney might have found himself the subject of speculation last week about what first attracted him – to paraphrase Mrs Merton – to the married millionairess Nancy Shevell.

Sir Paul was seen having dinner with the wealthy Kate Middleton lookalike, prompting speculation that the pair might be an item – but not, curiously, that he might be a gold-digger who is only after the defenceless brunette for her dosh.

Ms Shevell and her husband Bruce Blakeman were friends of the McCartneys (Paul 'n' Linda) and of the Mills-McCartneys (Paul 'n' Gold-Digging-Hussy Heather), but pals of the are-they-aren't-they couple say that their budding relationship started only after Paul was officially separated from Heather and she from Mr Blakeman – they are old-fashioned like that. They have both remained tight-lipped about the relationship. (They didn't look very tight-lipped when they were caught kissing last weekend.) But fortunately, "friends" of the pair have been happy to spill the beans.

Cornered outside her Manhattan apartment, Ms Shevell told the press: "I'm so nervous." So would anyone be after what happened to Linda and Heather...