Ched Evans website publishes video online of rape victim in hotel on the night of attack

North Wales Police have confirmed they are 'looking into' the video

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North Wales Police have confirmed they are looking into complaints about a website set up by Ched Evans’ family, which shows CCTV footage of his victim on the night of the attack.

The website, which the Evans family use to campaign for the footballer’s innocence, shows a video of the victim arriving at the Premier Inn hotel outside Rhyl, Wales, where she was later raped by the football player.

Viewers are invited to “judge for themselves” the actions of the 19-year old victim, who is referred to as the “complainant” throughout the website, on the page headlined: “Too drunk to consent, too drunk to remember?”

A north Wales police spokesperson said to The Independent: “We are aware the footage has been released and are looking into the matter.”

Premier Inn confirmed to The Mirror they had not consented for the video to be published.

At the bottom of the website, which is managed by Evans’ “friends and family”, a statement reads: “The majority of information contained on this site is already in the public domain, the evidence, having been given in an open Court of Law.

“Where information is referred to that was not admitted in evidence at the trial, the individuals providing the information gave sworn signed statements to the defence solicitors acting on behalf of Ched Evans during the trial and the appeal process.”

The former Welsh International player was released from prison on Friday, having been convicted in 2012 for rape and sentenced to five years imprisonment. Throughout this period he has maintained his innocence.

After his conviction the woman, now 22, was forced to move away from her friends and family after nine people were convicted of illegally naming her on Twitter.