Chelsea racism: Police hunt for fans who shouted racist chants in London's St Pancras station

British Transport Police could not confirm whether the culprits were the same group who pushed a black man off a Paris Metro train last week

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Chelsea fans who pushed a black man off the Paris Metro before singing racist songs may have continued their offensive chanting after they arrived back in London on the Eurostar, it has emerged.

British Transport Police are appealing for anyone who saw the group at St Pancras Station at around 8pm on Wednesday to come forward.

A spokesperson said the men were believed to be Chelsea supporters returning home a day after their team played Paris St Germain in the Champions League but could not confirm whether they were the same fans who appeared in the video of the Paris Metro incident.

Superintendent Gill Murray said: “The racist chanting was reported by a member of the public who was disgusted by the behaviour of the men who had travelled on the 18.40 service from Paris Gare du Nord.


“The men shouted as they walked through the station having alighted from the train a short time earlier.

“If you travelled on the train from Paris or were at the station and have information which can assist our investigation I would urge you to get in touch as a matter of urgency.”

Supt Murray said more needed to be done to “publicly condemn” such behaviour and that British Transport Police (BTP) was working with football clubs and authorities to tackle the problem.

"It’s clear that unfortunately there is still a minority who think it is acceptable to behave in such an abhorrent manner,” the officer added.

Chelsea fans in Paris for the Champions League quarter-final against PSG

Following the incident on the Paris Metro involving Chelsea supporters, BTP’s Chief Constable Paul Crowther emphasised that most football fans cause no problems, with thousands using the transport network calmly and legally.

He added: “However, every weekend, the travelling public, law-abiding supporters and rail staff are distressed by anti-social and intimidating behaviour from a minority determined to cause trouble.”

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The Metropolitan Police are working to identify the culprits in the Paris incident and have released images of three men they would like to speak to.

Chelsea has condemned the behaviour and threatened anyone involved with a life ban from Stamford Bridge and French prosecutors may also bring charges.

Police are searching for three fans allegedly involved in a racist incident on the Paris Metro

While authorities have emphasised that those attitudes are no reflection of the vast majority that support the Blues, official figures from the Home Office reveal that there were more Chelsea fans arrested for racist chanting than any other Premier League clubs’ supporters over the last 13 seasons.