Conservative Party headquarters in York are attacked for the fifth time in just 12 months

A gang of youths using nunchucks smashed the windows of the building

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The headquarters of the Conservative Party in York have been attacked for the fifth time in just 12 months - this time by a gang of youths using nunchucks to smash the windows of the building.

According to the York Press, the latest attack on the Poppleton Road building was captured by CCTV, and local Conservatives are now appealing for help in tracing the culprits.

Thom Wiseman, chairman of York Conservatives, told the newspaper: "There are so many times you can brush it off as random, but by the fifth time it looks like a blatant attack."

"The people in the video are actually quite young and it was done with nunchucks so whether it's random kids doing the attacking or not, but it seems unlikely people will be walking around on a night carrying nunchucks with them."

A spokesman for North Yorkshire police confirmed that the incident was being investigated.