Consultant's negligence led to death

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A hospital consultant whose gross negligence led to the death of a mother of two children was "a broken man" yesterday as he was jailed for two years.

Repeated failures by Sudhanshu Garg, a consultant urologist, to give Lisa Quinn the treatment she needed to tackle a kidney infection resulted in the patient dying three days after being admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary in August 2008.

Among the missed opportunities was the failure to order a crucial ultra-sound scan for two days, and a failure to transfer Mrs Quinn for emergency treatment at another hospital as her condition deteriorated. He also falsified the patient's records in an attempt to cover up his blunders.

Garg admitted gross negligence manslaughter and was told by Mr Justice Globe at Leeds Crown Court that if he had provided the proper level of care the "overwhelming probability" was that Mrs Quinn would have survived.

Her children, Reece and Rachel Conroy, now aged 16 and 14, said in a statement: "We both miss our wonderful and loving mum every single day. We adored her and she adored us. She was caring and thoughtful and a mum in a million."