Ched Evans: 'Contempt of court' investigation launched over identification of victim in rape case

The police will also investigate if evidence was handled correctly

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The Attorney General has ordered the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate if criminal offences have been committed in relation to identifying the victim in the Ched Evans rape case, after a complaint was made by her father.

Jeremy Wright QC has also asked North Wales police to look into whether evidence shown during the court case in 2012 has been dealt with “properly”.

Former Sheffield United footballer Evans was released from prison last year after serving half of his five-year sentence for raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel, but continues to protest his innocence.


A spokeswoman for the Attorney General said: “The Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC MP, has asked the Crown Prosecution Service to consider whether any criminal offences may have been committed in regards to identifying the victim in the Ched Evans case.

“He has also asked the North Wales police to investigate whether some of the material served during the course of the proceedings has been dealt with properly.

“If not, this may constitute a contempt of court.

“Given that there is now the possibility of proceedings being brought, it is very important that there is no comment in the media which might jeopardise either the investigation or any subsequent proceedings.”