Couple found dead after farmhouse shooting

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A village was in shock tonight after a couple were found dead in their farmhouse.

It is believed Martin Jones shot his wife Janette before turning the gun on himself at their home in Brabourne Lees, near Ashford, Kent.

The couple, who were in their late middle-age, were found by officers when they were called to Brockham Farm in Lees Road at 7.40pm last night.

A spokeswoman for Kent Police said they were treating it as a domestic incident and were not looking for anyone else.

She would not say who called police to the address but confirmed that a firearm was recovered from the scene.

Neighbours spoke of their shock at the turn of events in the small village but said the couple "kept themselves to themselves".

Student Leah Macdonald, 24, who works part-time at The Plough Inn, said: "I was working in the pub. It was quite busy down here and around 8.15pm we noticed police cars flying down the road.

"Everyone in the pub was checking outside, wondering what was going on. There was quite a lot of speculation."

She said another pub-goer later informed her that a woman was shot and then the man shot himself.

She added: "I was absolutely gobsmacked. It just doesn't happen on your doorstep.

"Nobody seems to know who they were, they were a couple that kept themselves to themselves."

Fellow villager William Davis, 59, a maintenance worker, said: "I phoned up my mate this morning and he said there had been a double shooting.

"I was shocked. Nobody seems to know who they were or how long they had been here."

The detached brick farmhouse, which is surrounded by open grounds and situated down a long muddy track, remained cordoned off by police tape today while forensic investigators in white suits could be seen coming and going.

The police spokeswoman said post-mortem examinations on the couple were started this afternoon with the results not expected until late tomorrow.

Officers are appealing for anyone with information to contact the major crime department on 01634 884018.