Court sees footage of bank robber shooting

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Dramatic footage of the exact moment police marksmen shot dead two members of a prolific bank raid gang was shown in court today.

Jurors at Kingston Crown Court watched covert surveillance video showing Mark Nunes, the 35-year-old mastermind of a series of robberies, being shot as he held a gun to the head of a security guard outside HSBC Bank in Chandler's Ford, Hampshire.

As his accomplice Andrew Markland, 36, attempts to pick up the weapon he too is gunned down, the footage shows, while a third shot is heard as he lay on the ground.

The deaths ended an 18-month crime spree in which the gang hit at least 18 security vans attempting to deliver money to outlets across the south of England.

In Court today evidence began in the trial of four men accused of being members of the criminal ring.

Terence Wallace, 26, Adrian Johnson, 28, Leroy Wilkinson, 29 and Victor Iniodu, 34, all from south-west London, are accused of co conspiracy to robbery. They deny the charges. Johnson also denies charges of possessing a prohibited weapon and stealing a cashbox containing £25,000.

Before the start of the trial on Tuesday three men, Leroy Hall, Leon McKenzie and Brian Henry pleaded guilty to being part of Nunes' gang.

The court had previously heard that Nunes' "luck ran out" on September 13 during a raid in Chandler's Ford following a number of successful robberies by his gang.

Today's evidence focused on that last failed raid. The jury was shown covert surveillance footage taken by police from a vantage point opposite the targeted bank on that day.

As a Group 4 security van pulled up in a disabled parking space next to the bank a guard exited the back of the vehicle. At this point a man identified as Nunes is seen running towards him.

As he does so you could hear a police officer observing the event say: "Robbery, robbery, strike, strike, strike. He has a gun to his head."

The next thing heard is a shot as Nunes slumps to the floor. "One man down," an officer is heard saying into the radio. Markland is then seen running into shot and attempts to pick up the weapon dropped by his accomplice. He too is shot and falls to the ground. A third shot is then heard on the video.

Following the shooting a blue Volvo, alleged to have been driven by Wallace, speeds off. The court is told that before the raid a Land Rover - which was seen picking Nunes up from his home in London - is observed passing the bank a number of times with its two occupants looking into the HSBC.

Giving evidence Detective Constable Philip Dalton, a flying squad officer on surveillance duty during the raid, said he believed the driver to be Terence Wallace.

Mr Dalton told the court: "Having seen the Land Rover drive past quite slowly, at one stage it was almost stationary in traffic, I had the chance to see the driver's face."