Criminal mastermind ordered to pay £10 million

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A former car dealer who lived in luxury before he was jailed for 25 years for a £7 million heroin plot was ordered to hand over more than £10 million by a judge today.

Bradford-based Khalid Mahmood Malik masterminded an operation which threatened to swamp West Yorkshire with the drug until his organisation was smashed and he was jailed in 2005.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) said Judge Stephen Ashurst granted it a Confiscation Order at York Crown Court which ordered Malik to pay £10.6 million.

The agency said the order would ensure Malik would lose much of the wealth which once allowed him to acquire properties in the UK and abroad worth £3 million and luxury cars, including a Lamborghini.

Judge Ashurst ruled that if Malik did not pay the cash within three months he faced a further 10 years in prison.

Malik, from Guiseley, Leeds, was jailed at Leeds Crown Court five years ago for conspiracy to supply heroin.

A further 26 people were jailed as part of the same investigation, with sentences adding up to more than 200 years.

Soca deputy director Ian Cruxton said: "Dismantling Malik's entire criminal network was a lengthy and complex operation which required all the expertise and dedication of the investigative team.

"This work now means that, as well as spending decades in prison, Malik has failed in his attempt to hide his profits behind a convoluted network of friends, family and corrupt professional advisors.

"Our warning to business people in Bradford and across the UK is clear. If you render your services to organised crime, expect Soca to make you pay for it with your freedom and your finances."