Damilola killer sent back to jail

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One of the two brothers convicted over the death of schoolboy Damilola Taylor, has been sent back to prison less than six months after his release.

Ricky Preddie, who was 13 at the time of the killing, was arrested on Friday after failing to abide by a curfew. He was released from jail last September after serving two-thirds of his sentence, including time in custody and on remand. The Home Office said at the time he would be monitored closely.

Last night a Ministry of Justice spokesman said all offenders were "subject to probation supervision". He said: "Once an offender has been recalled by the probation service, it is then for the police to return them to custody."

Ricky and his brother, Danny, part of the gang known as the Young Peckham Boys, were convicted of the manslaughter of Damilola in October 2006 and sentenced to eight years in youth custody. Damilola died after being stabbed in the leg with a beer bottle in November 2000.