Desperate 999 call from men who found Damilola bleeding to death

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Bill Casal, a carpenter, and his colleague, Leslie Tunstall, made a 999 call after finding Damilola Taylor bleeding to death. This is an edited transcript of their conversation with the operator

Leslie Tunstall (T): This boy is approximately 12 years of age. He has lost a hell of a lot of blood.

Operator (O): How has he done that? What happened?

T: We do not know, sir. We have just come out and found him on the staircase. He's tried to climb up.

O: Where is he bleeding from?

T: He's going ...

O: Where is he bleeding from?

T: We cannot tell.

O: Have a look to see what part of his body is bleeding.

T: Can you see where he ... where this blood is coming from? Just see where the blood is coming from ... Look, look it's coming from here, look. Hold his leg up.

O: What part of his body?

T: Actually it looks like it's coming from his leg.

O: Is it the upper leg?

T: It looks like from the upper leg, shall we raise it?

O: No, don't move him.

T: Don't move him, don't move him.

O: Is he awake? Is he conscious?

T: No, it looks like he's drifting off.

O: Is he conscious?

T: No.

O: Is he breathing?

T: Is he still breathing? Is he still breathing? He's still breathing.

O: He's definitely breathing?

T: He's still breathing, yeah.

O: What I need you to do is to get a clean cloth or a towel.

T: Got a clean towel? Has someone got a clean towel?

O: A clean dry one. Is it on a building site?

T: No, no. No, it's actually in a block of flats.

O: What's the name of the block of flats?

T: What's the name of the block of flats? Promenade West, Blakes Road.

O: What number Blakes Road?

T: 80A Blakes Road. We will have someone out on the street looking for ...

O: Can you get a clean cloth or a towel? Is he awake at all?

T: He's going unconscious. Is he still with us?

O: Speak to him, try to bring him round. Sir, can you go to where the patient is please?

T: I am with him right now.

O: Get a coat over his body to keep him warm.

T: We got that, we got that.

O: Is he breathing normally?

T: Is he breathing all right? He's breathing, but he's ...

O: You stay with him. Is he making any noises as he is breathing?

T: No, he's very quiet.

O: But he is breathing, yes?

T: He's very quiet ...

O: He is still breathing, yes?

T: He is still breathing but he is in a very bad way ...

O: You are going to have to stem the bleeding ... Can

you see any blood pumping?

T: Keep him going!

Keep him going!

O: Is he awake?

T: No, he keeps drifting off ... O: But is he still breathing? ...

T: No pulse, no pulse.Is anyone still out on that road for that ambulance?