Didcot Murders: What we know so far about the victims and Jed Allen

Police are searching for Jed Allen, 21, in connection with the murders of three people in Didcot, Oxfordshire

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The bodies of Janet Jordon, Philip Howard, and Derrin Jordon, were found in a house in Vicarage Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire on Saturday 23 May.

Police have since announced a search for suspect Jed Allen, a groundskeeper at Oxford University Parks, 6ft tall, identifiable by a distinctive tattoo of a spider on his left hand.

Here is the current timeline of events surrounding the murder inquiry:

Saturday May 23

5.24pm - Jed Allen is believed to board a train leaving Didcot, as told by Det Supt Chris Ward of Thames Valley Police.

5.45pm - He arrives in Oxford.

6pm - Allen is captured on CCTV at the WHSmith store at Oxford railway station just before 6pm. Dept Supt Ward said of the CCTV images: “Jed is wearing a red or maroon shirt, a dark hooded jacket with a white trim on the zip, blue jeans and black shoes.

“After visiting WHSmith, we believe that Jed then walked to Oxford University Parks.

8.23pm - Thames Valley Police are called to an address in Vicarage Road by a member of the public. They attend the property and find the bodies of Philip Howard, 44, Janet Jordon, 48, and daughter Derin, six. They are pronounced dead at the scene.

Sunday May 24

10.55am - Detectives reveal they are hunting a man called Jed Allen, 21, in connection with the killings.

Sunday afternoon - Victims are identified by police as Philip Howard, 44, Janet Jordon, 48, and daughter Derin, six.

Monday May 25

1.13pm - Police release CCTV footage of Allen in a bid to raise awareness of the search. Anyone who sees him is told to call 999. It is announced that more than 100 officers are searching for Allen.

A weapon is found at the house of the murdered family shortly afterwards. Det Supt Ward said: "We have recovered a weapon from within the crime scene but our search for the suspect continues today.

“We are conducting a number of searches to try and locate the suspect. These will continue today and extra officers and national resources have been deployed in order to assist us with that.”

5pm - Members of the public discover Jed Allen's body in the wooded area of Marston Road, Oxford. The area had not previously been searched by the police. Det Supt Ward said that while the body had not been formally identified, he was satisfied it was Allen.

"Our investigation continues but we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the murders," he added.

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