DJ Sara Cox wins case over tabloid intrusion

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The Radio 1 presenter Sara Cox won a landmark case against the tabloid press for the invasion of privacy yesterday after The People newspaper printed pictures of her naked on her honeymoon.

Ms Cox was photographed by the paparazzo with Jon Carter, her husband, in October 2001. The couple were staying at a secluded villa on a private island in the Seychelles that only admits paying guests. The pictures were sold by the photographic agent Jason Fraser and printed on the front page and two inside pages of The People.

The DJ's lawyers sued the paper under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. A High Court settlement entitles her to £50,000 in damages and The People, Mr Fraser and two photographic agencies must pay what could be in excess of £200,000 in legal costs.

Ms Cox' agent complained to the Press Complaints Committee after the pictures were published and received a 63-word apology on page 3 of the paper. But the DJ went on to seek legal redress as she continued to feel a sense of injury. She is the first person to receive a PCC apology and to go on to pursue legal action.

The paper, Mr Fraser and two photographic agencies with which he is associated have been ordered to destroy the offending pictures.

Ms Cox is said to be overjoyed by the result, but still feels lasting outrage at the photos, which she said "ruined" the memories of her honeymoon.