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The Met is, however, planning to use undercover police to infiltrate catwalk shows and fashion parties following revelations about the model Kate Moss's use of cocaine.

One senior officer told The Independent on Sunday that the force planned to use a team of specialist officers to "shut the doors"on the dealers responsible for a rise in drugs deaths in the industry.

"The [fashion] industry attracts young, impressionable people and puts them into an arena of glamour and that creates a market place for organised drug dealers," the source said. The clampdown on drugs crime in the fashion world comes as Kate Moss, faces a grilling by anti-drug officers this week.

It is expected that Ms Moss will receive a police caution or warning if she admits to having snorted cocaine with her boyfriend and his band members and agrees to undergo treatment for addiction.

A senior officer told The Independent on Sunday that Ms Moss faces an investigation about her links to dealers and suppliers who ply their trade at fashion shows.