'Fagin-style sex offender' is jailed again


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A Satanist branded a “Fagin-style sex offender” is back behind bars after local residents mounted a campaign to keep local children safe.

People living in Billingham, Teesside, used Facebook to warn others about the whereabouts of convicted child abuser Gary Dover-Afflick, 47, who once sparked a nationwide manhunt when he disappeared.

He was jailed at Teesside Crown Court last week for failing to notify the police that he had changed his name after he gave an officer an unregistered alias.

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Jason Dickson, of Cleveland Police's Vulnerability Unit, said: "Cleveland Police have worked closely with residents and partner agencies to address concerns raised in relation to Dover-Afflick.

"Registered sex offenders living in the community have a number of restrictions placed upon them including the requirement to notify the police of any change of name or address.

"These offenders are closely monitored by officers from the Public Protection Unit.

"The close monitoring of this individual led to breaches of his notification requirements being discovered and his prompt arrest and return to custody."

Dover-Afflick moved to Billingham after serving a sentence for blackmail, supplying drugs and indecent assault on vulnerable boys aged between nine and 14.

He had given wayward youths shelter in squats, then offered them drugs and lectured them about Satanism and kept them in line by dishing out beatings and sexual assaults.

After the 1997 court case he was dubbed in reports a "Fagin-style sex offender" and officers warned the public not to approach him when he disappeared on his release from prison in 2007.

At his court appearance last week, he revealed he was of no fixed address and admitted breaching a court order implemented to protect the public. He will be sentenced later this month.

His worrying presence in Sunnybrow Avenue, Billingham, led locals to hold a number of meetings with police.

Locals claimed children were prevented from playing in the streets and some were too scared to visit the sweet shop in case they bumped into him.

Grandmother Margaret Adam told the Evening Gazette newspaper: "We were just disgusted by it, but the police just couldn't do anything. It was just disgusting."