Fan banned for throwing phone

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Roy Goldie, 35, a father of one child, "lashed" his phone in temper after the Manchester United player scored in a "hostile" match against his team at Anfield. The phone flew past Rooney's head as he celebrated in front of Liverpool fans.

Goldie, a life-long Liverpool fan who has been a season-ticket holder for 21 years, admitted throwing his phone in frustration but denied aiming it at Rooney, Liverpool magistrates' court heard.

Police retrieved the phone, a Nokia, and event-ually traced it to Goldie, from Dovecot, Liverpool. He denied the offence.

He told police he threw his phone in temper when the goal went in - but did not throw it at Wayne Rooney or anyone else.

District Judge Ian Lomax found him guilty, adding it did not matter whether the phone was thrown at Rooney or not - it was still "unacceptable behaviour".

He added: "You may as well have left your name and address on the pitch. I accept part and parcel of being a fan is the frustration that comes with being one."

Goldie was banned for three years from attending any football match in England and Wales. He was also fined £500 and ordered to pay £300 court costs.