Father sees similarities to daughter's 2002 murder

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The father of a prostitute murdered four years ago said he could see "lots of similarities" between his daughter's death and the Ipswich murders.

Michelle Bettles, 22, was found strangled in woods near Dereham, Norfolk, in March 2002.

Her father, John Bettles, said police had told him it was too early to say if there was a link between her murder and the deaths of five prostitutes in Suffolk.

"Part of the problem is all these girls were doing the same trade. It's very easy to assume a link when it might not be there," he said.

But Mr Bettles, 51, who lives near Rotherham, Yorkshire, added: "All the places where they have been found are very similar, and in each case you would need to know the area very well.

"Another similarity is the fact that Michelle was strangled like these girls."

He added: "In one way I hope it is the same person, but if I am right then that is very sad because this could have been stopped years ago."