Film screening pulled after police legal threat

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A planned screening of a documentary on deaths of black people in custody was halted by a late police legal threat, causing uproar among the relatives of those who died.

The Metro Cinema, London, announced it was cancelling the screening 20 minutes before it was due to start after receiving a fax from lawyers representing two of the police officers mentioned in the film.

The United Families and Friends (UFF) spent six years making Injustice, a 98-minute film , which names eight serving police officers as "murderers". The film identifies officers believed by relatives of the dead to be responsible, although none were convicted of any crime.

UFF co-director and producer of the film, Ken Fero, said last night: "The atmosphere is incredible. People are very, very angry. This is the only chance the families have to tell their story." Mr Fero plans another screening for Wednesday.