Former PC jailed for having sex on-duty

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A former police officer who had sex with a pole dancer while on duty was jailed today for four years.

Kenny Lewis, 26, then of Avon and Somerset police, engaged in sex acts with four women during his employment, and even used handcuffs with the dancer.

Lewis also used the police national computer (PNC) to access confidential files to track down vulnerable woman.

Lewis, of Nailsea, near Bristol was found not guilty of three charges of rape and one charge of sexual misconduct.

But he pleaded guilty to eight charges of misconduct in public office at Exeter Crown Court, including misusing police files.

Judge Graham Cottle said Lewis had exploited his position of authority for his own gratification.

Lewis resigned as a police constable in December.

Earlier in the trial William Mousley, prosecuting, told the court that Lewis's "modus operandi" was to introduce himself to women who had been involved in a crime as a witness, victim or perpetrator.

"He would use that contact as an excuse for visiting them or phoning them, often under the guise of carrying out further inquiries, it was not their welfare he was interested in; it was his own pleasure.

He added: "It was his status as a police officer that facilitated this, he wore a uniform, carried handcuffs and used a police vehicle and police computers."

Giving evidence in the trial the pole dancer claimed she came to Lewis' attention after she witnessed a car accident four years ago.

Another woman first came into contact with Lewis after she was arrested and he drove her to the police station in 2007.

Det Chief Supt Louisa Rolfe said after the case: "Kenny Lewis abused his position of trust and authority, using his access to privileged information to identify and target potentially vulnerable women.

"Although acquitted on three charges of rape and one of misconduct Lewis admitted eight other charges.

"Avon and Somerset police commend these women for having the courage and determination to come forward and assist in the investigation which has been a difficult one for all involved.

"As a police service everything we do is aimed at making our communities feel safe and be safe. Kenny Lewis has personally let down former colleagues working towards that aim."