Four men plead guilty over terror charges


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Four men have admitted discussing carrying out a terror attack in the UK using homemade bombs and firearms.

Zahid Iqbal, 31, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, 25, Umar Arshad, 24, and Syed Farhan Hussain, 21, considered methods, materials and targets for an attack.

The men were arrested following a series of raids in April last year at their homes in Luton.

They pleaded guilty to one terrorism charge at Woolwich Crown Court today.

Iqbal, of Bishopscote Road, Arshad, Hussain and Ahmed downloaded computer files containing practical instruction for an attack.

The men purchased survival equipment and collected funds for terrorist purposes.

They also admitted facilitating, planning and encouraging travel overseas, as well as organising, encouraging and participating in physical training, contrary to section 5 of the Terrorist Act 2006.

The offences took place between January 2011 and April last year.

They were due to stand trial next month but pleaded guilty in a hearing today.

Mr Justice Wilkie adjourned the case for sentencing on April 15.