Freddie Starr sues woman who accused him of sexual assault

The comic claims that he has lost £300,000 due to cancelled shows because of the woman's allegations

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The comedian Freddie Starr is suing a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

Karin Ward alleged that Mr Starr groped her at a Jimmy Saville show in 1974 when she was aged 15.

She has claimed that the assault took place in Saville’s dressing room and the comic called her a “t**less wonder.”

Mr Starr denies the claims. He was arrested by Operation Yewtree investigators in relation to the allegations but not charged with any offence.

Yesterday the comedian attended London’s High Court to launch a slander and libel trial against Ms Ward. Mr Starr says that he has lost £300,000 due to his shows being cancelled as a result of the allegations.

He is suing over interviews Ms Ward gave to the BBC and ITV in 2012 as well as statements made in an e-book about her life.

Ms Ward, who is currently recovering from cancer, claimed that she had been pressured into interviews with broadcasters about the allegations whilst she was seriously ill.

She told the Daily Mail: 'I felt pressurised to do so, I thought I was dying from cancer and so eventually agreed to take part. I would never have done so if I had known that I could be sued, that they would not support me and I was on my own in all this.'

The trial is expected to last two weeks.