Fry fined for speeding but escapes driving ban

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The actor and comedian Stephen Fry said yesterday he was relieved to keep his driving licence after being caught speeding at 99mph.

It was Fry's second speeding offence in 13 months but magistrates in Cambridge opted for a five-point licence endorsement and a £300 fine.

Fry, 45, from West Hampstead, north-west London, admitted speeding on the A11 at Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, on 7 April. He was on his way to perform in the 50th anniversary edition of the radio quiz I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. Magistrates were told that Frypleaded guilty at the first opportunity and apologised to police.

Rita Taylor, of the road safety group RoadPeace, said: "It is wrong that people should get away with doing something like that ... especially with a previous conviction."