Gangster murder caused 'chaos' in supermarket car park


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A supermarket manager today told of the "complete chaos" which enveloped the store when a gangland figure was shot dead in the car park.

Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll was in the back seat of a black Audi A3 when two masked gunmen killed him in the car park of Asda in Robroyston, Glasgow, in January 2010.

Asda manager Steven McKenna described how he watched the drama unfold from a window in a staff room and then went outside to find Mr Carroll dead in the passenger seat of the car.

He told the High Court in Glasgow he "heard bangs" and turned to see two men getting out of a car and another two men fleeing from a black car which had been blocked in.

Mr McKenna told the court: "I walked in the direction of the vehicle and could clearly see the rear passenger window had been almost completely shattered. There was a hole the size of a football in the centre of it.

"There was an adult male lying in the back seat and I realised there was nothing I could do for him."

The manager said three more men then arrived in a red car who "obviously knew" the dead man and were very close to the car.

In a statement he made to police, read to the court by Derek Ogg QC who is representing 30-year-old murder accused Ross Monaghan at the trial, Mr McKenna said one of the three men appeared to be "the main man".

He told police: "He was shouting, screaming. Really angry. He opened the door and was all over the car. I thought it was going to kick off because the big man seemed so angry and aggressive."

He said the car park was "complete chaos" with a crowd gathering around the car and just one police officer on the scene.

He said: "I didn't want anyone going near the car. I didn't want anyone seeing what, unfortunately, was in the back seat. I was also aware that it was a crime scene."

Mr McKenna was giving evidence at the trial of Monaghan who denies repeatedly shooting and murdering Mr Carroll, while acting with others, on January 13 2010. He has lodged a special defence of incrimination, blaming a man who cannot be named for legal reasons and seven others.

Monaghan is also accused of trying to defeat the ends of justice by concealing a revolver, a pistol and ammunition under bricks and undergrowth in Academy Street in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, and setting fire to a car.

He is further charged with possessing guns and ammunition without a proper certificate.

Monaghan denies all charges against him.

The trial also heard from John Bonner who acted as Mr Carroll's driver. He told how he fled for his life when masked men appeared in the car park.

He said he felt "something wasn't right" and scrambled out of the car, leaving "Gerbil" in the back.

Mr Bonner said: "I tried to get out of the motor as fast as I could. Something wasn't right. I fell out of the motor. I was scared.

"I just heard the bangs and I was on the ground."

Mr Bonner said he then ran away and hid behind another vehicle until he heard the car "screeching away".

He said that when he returned to the car he found Mr Carroll dead in the back seat with the door locked. He also said he had the keys to the car in his hand as he jumped from the vehicle and must have locked it as he fell on the ground.

He said: "It must have happened by accident. I had them in my hand when I fell from from the motor."

The trial before Lord Brailsford was adjourned until tomorrow.