GP accused of touching patients' breasts

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A teenager who accused a GP of inappropriately touching her breasts described his examination of her as "more like something her boyfriend would do rather than a doctor", a jury was told today.

Dr Parag Bhatt, 44, went on trial today accused of sexually assaulting six of his women patients.

In each case he is accused of inappropriately touching their breasts.

One of the complainants, who was a 16-year-old girl at the time, said Bhatt's attitude was "pervy" after she was examined by him at Rosehill Medical Centre, in Rawmarsh, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, last year.

Another woman went to see Bhatt four days after she had given birth and later described how the GP reached inside her bra and touched her breasts in a "groping motion".

Sarah Wright, prosecuting, told the jury: "She felt she had been assaulted."

Miss Wright said another of the six complainants described how Bhatt "touched her breasts, rubbing them all over with his hands and in particular the nipples."

The woman complained how he did this with one hand while operating his computer with the other.

She had come into Bhatt's surgery complaining of feeling sick and stomach pains between periods, the court heard.

A further complainant said she went to see Bhatt because she wanted him to check if she was pregnant.

Miss Wright said the doctor "tweaked and flicked" the woman's nipples before saying "no, you're not pregnant".

The barrister told the jury of eight men and four women: "There is no possible medical examination which could include flicking the patient's nipples."

Bhatt touched another patient's breasts after telling her he was doing a "full MOT" to get to the bottom of her problems, the jury heard.

Miss Wright told the jury: "Six women who did not know each other have independently made allegations that are very similar indeed. All relate to the touching of the breasts. That suggests it's too much of a coincidence for them to have made up the allegations independently."

Bhatt, of Broom Lane, Rotherham, denies seven counts of sexual assault. The alleged offences took place between March and August last year.

The trial continues at Sheffield Crown Court.