Grieving mother’s plea answered: Burglar returns laptop with photos of deceased daughter

Lynda Mccance had said she would accept the 'very precious' computer back 'no questions asked'

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A mother has spoken of how she had a “little bit of faith” in humanity restored after a burglar returned a stolen laptop containing pictures of her recently deceased daughter.

Lynda Mccance’s laptop was stolen in a burglary from her home days after her daughter’s funeral. It contained a slideshow of the child’s life story from her funeral service, pictures of her, and a verse written in remembrance of her life.

On Saturday Ms Mccance posted a plea on Facebook calling for the computer to be returned “no questions asked” and explaining its sentimental value. She offered a reward for its safe return.

Late last night she announced that the silver Acer notebook had been returned and thanked her friends for spreading the word.

“[I] Wanna say a big thank you to everyone who has shared my posts, sent messages, donated money and everything else. You have all helped give me that little bit off faith that there is decent ppl out there.. I now have my laptop bak in my possession.... thanks so much for all your support,” she said.

Ms McCance’s eight year old daughter Chloe suffered from a rare degenerative illness called Batten’s Disease and recently passed away.

The mother told the BBC her home had been trashed during the burglary on Friday night, which occurred while her family had gone out to get tattoos in tribute to her daughter.


Christmas presents and groceries were also taken in the raid.

She did not go into any details of how the laptop came to be returned, or whether her offered reward had been paid.

The episode occurred in Bangor, Northern Ireland.