Groom makes hoax-bomb call at his own wedding

Groom rang wedding venue and said a bomb would go off after realising he had forgotten to book it

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A panicked groom made a hoax-bomb call at his own wedding venue, after realising he had forgotten to book it.

Neil McArdle had planned to marry at the Liverpool Registry Office, located inside the historic St George's Hall.

Upon finding out that he had not actually filled out the necessary forms to allow the event to take place, the 36-year-old rang the receptionist at the hall in desperation and told her "a bomb will go off in 45 minutes".

Amy Williams, his bride-to-be, arrived at the venue to find the space had been evacuated and was instead swarming with bomb disposal units.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Marie Harnick, the receptionist said: "I never had a chance to ask anything. As soon as he said there was a bomb, he put the phone down.

"I told my manager and he said to ring the police and clear the building. It all happened very quickly."

McArdle claimed afterwards that he had tried to call again to explain his phone call was a hoax, but the phone went unanswered.

According to the newspaper McArdle and Ms Williams are unmarried but still in a relationship.

Mr McArdle appeared before Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to a single count of communicating false information with intent. He will be sentenced later this month.

A Merseyside police spokesman confirmed the incident in a statement to the Echo: “Emergency services were called at 8.57am on 26 April to a report of a bomb alert at St George's Hall.

“The building was immediately evacuated of all staff and visitors and a search lasting over an hour was conducted until it was deemed safe for persons to re-enter."