Hacking scandal 'has damaged police morale'

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The head of the body which represents police officers in London said the hacking scandal had damaged morale within the service.

Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Peter Smyth said: "As the story about phone hacking continues to develop, some senior members of the Government seem keen to focus on alleged police corruption rather than their own relationships with News International.

"Indeed, listening to the prime minister and the home secretary, one could be forgiven for believing that the entire police service is filled with dishonest officers."

In a statement, Mr Smyth continued: "This is irresponsible nonsense. The vast majority of police officers are completely honest and conscientious and to suggest otherwise is slanderous.

"Morale among police officers has already been damaged by the Government's attack on their pay and conditions. The Government's unfounded attack on their reputation will lower it still further.

"If there is evidence of corruption by individual officers, let them be prosecuted through the courts. Until then, these thoroughly scurrilous attacks must stop."