Hard-hitting video depicts woman being raped at party as part of police awareness campaign

Police said the advert was aimed at young men in an effort to change attitudes

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A hard-hitting campaign in Scotland is asking people whether they “really know what rape is” with an unsettling film portraying a young woman being attacked at a party.

The video, which is only being shown on television after the watershed and has an age rating of 15, starts with a couple kissing passionately.

As they head into a bedroom and the man becomes more insistent, the lighting changes from green to red as a message reads: “A kiss isn't a green light to do what you want.”

Some viewers may find the following video distressing

In distressing scenes, the man pushes the woman on to the bed as she tries to stop him undoing her trousers, at first saying “I don’t think we should do this”, before asking him to “please stop” and repeatedly saying “no” as he carries on.

The film ends showing the couple’s faces afterwards, the man’s shocked and his victim terrified and crying, as sirens are heard in the background.

Police Scotland made the film as part of its “We Can Stop It” rape prevention campaign, saying it was aimed at men between the ages of 16 and 27.

A spokesperson said that more than one third of rapes reported in Scotland are carried out by men in that age group and that the force is trying to challenge attitudes towards consent.

The rapist's face is shown afterwards, appearing shocked and dazed.

Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said increasing reports of rape are a “positive sign” that victims are becoming more confident in coming forward to police, although the rising number could also indicate more attacks.

“Sex without consent is rape,” he added. “There are no excuses. If someone is drunk or drugged, they cannot give consent. ’We Can Stop It’ sends a very clear message - we can and we must prevent rape and sexual assault.”

He vowed that police would “listen and act” to all reports of assault but also want to prevent sex crimes by changing attitudes.

The campaign is being supported by Rape Crisis Scotland, which is also trying to raise awareness, and staff at pubs and clubs are being trained to intervene before assaults happen.

According to Rape Crisis, around 90 per cent of rapes are committed by people known to the victim, often current or former partners.