Hit and ride: Olympic champion's bike stolen

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It happens to the best of them. Philip Hindes, the track cyclist who sprinted to victory with Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny, has had his training bike stolen.

He returned to his house after a weekend away to find his Pinarello Paris had become one of about half a million bikes pinched each year in England and Wales.

Thieves did not find his gold medal but also stole a blue VW Golf belonging to his housemate, Liam Phillips, who rode in the Olympic BMX events.

Police have launched a search for Hindes's bike, which is worth several thousand pounds. The German-born cyclist, 19, could look to Lance Armstrong for inspiration, in some respects at least: the controversial US cyclist launched an appeal via social media after his time-trial bike was stolen during the 2009 Tour of California. It was returned hours later.

One imagines Team GB will replace Hindes's bike (wouldn't want those thighs to get flabby) but pity Phillips, whose burnt-out car was found by police.