Husband and mother helped to cover tracks

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De-Laurey May have been responsible for siphoning more than £4m from Goldman Sachs, but the jury also found that her mother, Dr Devi Schahhou, and husband, Anthony, helped cover her tracks, and both were convicted of money laundering.

During the trial Stuart Trimmer, for the prosecution, said that Mr De-Laurey, 50, a former chauffeur, and Dr Schahhou, 68, a GP from Hampstead, north London, had accounts in Cyprus where Mrs De-Laurey was planning to flee to after a final sting.

"Mr De-Laurey and Devi Schahhou plainly knew what was going on. Joyti's new wealth was what you would describe as conspicuous wealth," he said. "Plainly those who knew her - her husband and mother - knew her real circumstances and knew she had no legitimate means of suddenly acquiring wealth on the scale of £4m."

During the trial, both denied this, Mr De-Laurey arguing that he assumed the new-found wealth was due to her "climbing the ladder at work".

The prosecution claimed that Mr De-Laurey was showered with gifts including Cartier watches and helicopter flying lessons. "If I asked how she was able to afford things. She always said 'don't worry'," he told the court.

Mr De-Laurey and Dr Schahhou were each convicted of four counts of money laundering. Mr De-Laurey was cleared of four related charges and Dr Schahhou of one. Both have been bailed before sentencing.